Fun with Quilling

Decided it was time to make something from some of the pet comb quilling experiments.  Back to more experimenting now!  😊

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From the Eighties – Chicken in a basket!

Spring is on its way and quillers everywhere are decorating eggs to add to their Easter decorations.

This old lady was made from a blown goose egg back in the eighties.  She’s been around and had a lot of handling by students, so is slightly battered!  But that’s fine by me – spreading the skills is the main priority.  This is also the reason I’ve never finished the quilling – so you can see how she was made.

She has a secret inside, as well!



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Light Up Your Festive Table!

Heavyweight tracing paper is great stuff!  The calligraphers can emboss their lettering onto it.  The quillers can glue their quilling to it and it can be decoratively painted.

Quilled candle on Parchment paper

Christmas candle calligraphy - embossing

Christmas candle calligraphy – embossing











We cut out rectangles 21cm x 7.5cm, decorated with our chosen craft and then curled it into a tube.

Simple (or festive) paper clips can be used to hold the ends together or cutting a simple flap and slot will work.  A flickering t-light will make your work come alive.  Have fun!

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Display for the Quilling Guild’s Celebration

It’s nearly time for The Quilling Guild’s Celebration Weekend again!  So exciting!  And Hull and East Riding Quillers are. as always, pulling out all the stops to create our display.

It’s called “The Great British Year” and we are quilling everything from Mayday to Bonfire Night and to Christmas.  Here are just a few!  Guess the times of year.


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Quilled Calendar

Inspired by our Japanese quilling friends, East Riding Quillers and Wyke Scribes decided to create a calendar.

Louise May has made this great piece of calligraphy for one of the Spring Months.

Louise May’s calligraphy for calendar

We need eight little quillings for each month. Here are just a few of the 51 we have made so far.

Battling March Hares

Jolly frog


Eight quillings for each month – 96 altogether! Will we finish in time for printing?

Grand National winner!

Happy Mother’s Day


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Bendy Bandaging Buddies

I’m still having fun with the Bendy Bandaging technique and discovered it’s perfect for modelling these long-limbed comical cuties.

Two buddies

#buddy beside ruler

It’s great fun making them pose in any number of positions and these are the only component parts you need.

#buddy constituent parts


The hat (or hair or cap!) – 4 strips Cup Coil.

The face (with nose or glue a nose on later) – 3 – strips.


Arm and hand – 15 x 6cm long flesh coloured strips bandaged twice.  Leave 4cms unbandaged so they can be looped back to form a hand.

The legs are 20 x 7cm long strips, bandaged twice.


Feet – about 4 strips.  A Cup Coil with a hole big enough to fit on the leg.


Glue and bandage the legs together for about 2.5cm to create a body.  Then glue and bandage body to arms at the shoulders.

And you can quill all kinds of accessories.

#buddies' accesories

So, if you know someone who loves dogs, cake, shopping, sports or, even, quilling, you can make them a personalised Bendy Buddy to play with.

#buddy and poodle

#buddy and cake

#buddy with penguin

#quiller buddy

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Interactive Quilling with Bendy Bandaging

Stewart the Spider’s legs can be made to go in all directions.

Chris-mouse has a tail that can straighten and stretch.

And Rudolph’s antlers can twist and turn as the mood takes him.

Really loving that Bendy Bandaging technique!

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Bendy Bandaging

Just discovered/invented/came across a new variation on a very old quilling technique – bandaging.  I’m calling it Bendy Bandaging because it can be bent and will stay in virtually any shape you put it.

Wrap your bunch of strips as tightly as possible and glue only at beginning and end.  Two layers will do it.

Bendy bandaging wrapped strips

It’s great fun twisting and curling it into a multitude of shapes.








The big question is – how to make use of it?  Well, I do need a badge for the upcoming Quilling Guild Celebration Weekend so here’s how it turned out.

PS  Have a go at Bendy Bandaging yourself and find some quilling uses for it.

The Quilling Guild’s Celebration

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Harry and Meaghan’s Quilled Wedding Card

The Quilling Guild’s competition for a royal wedding congratulations came at exactly the right time for me.  I’ve always found quilling wonderfully therapeutic and it worked its magic for me while working out a design, solving the problems involved in trying to achieve it and, finally, the actual quilling.

by Jane Jenkins

by Jane Jenkins

So, if you need to take your mind off your troubles – get quilling!

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Happy Christmas

Christmas tree festivals are everywhere but it would be hard to beat the charming decorated Christmas trees on show at Skidby Church.  East Riding Quillers’ and Wyke Scribes Calligraphers’ contribution looks great in its own window alcove – well done all!

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