Interactive Quilling with Bendy Bandaging

Stewart the Spider’s legs can be made to go in all directions.

Chris-mouse has a tail that can straighten and stretch.

And Rudolph’s antlers can twist and turn as the mood takes him.

Really loving that Bendy Bandaging technique!

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Bendy Bandaging

Just discovered/invented/came across a new variation on a very old quilling technique – bandaging.  I’m calling it Bendy Bandaging because it can be bent and will stay in virtually any shape you put it.

Wrap your bunch of strips as tightly as possible and glue only at beginning and end.  Two layers will do it.

Bendy bandaging wrapped strips

It’s great fun twisting and curling it into a multitude of shapes.








The big question is – how to make use of it?  Well, I do need a badge for the upcoming Quilling Guild Celebration Weekend so here’s how it turned out.

PS  Have a go at Bendy Bandaging yourself and find some quilling uses for it.

The Quilling Guild’s Celebration

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Harry and Meaghan’s Quilled Wedding Card

The Quilling Guild’s competition for a royal wedding congratulations came at exactly the right time for me.  I’ve always found quilling wonderfully therapeutic and it worked its magic for me while working out a design, solving the problems involved in trying to achieve it and, finally, the actual quilling.

by Jane Jenkins

by Jane Jenkins

So, if you need to take your mind off your troubles – get quilling!

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Happy Christmas

Christmas tree festivals are everywhere but it would be hard to beat the charming decorated Christmas trees on show at Skidby Church.  East Riding Quillers’ and Wyke Scribes Calligraphers’ contribution looks great in its own window alcove – well done all!

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Hickory Dickory Dock

Had a great time at The Quilling Guild’s Celebration Weekend – so much fabulous quilling to see.

I always love the Regional Displays – here is a taste of ours – the work of nine East Riding quillers.



















When I started my clock, I didn’t realise that the kitchen paraphernalia would have to be so tiny – not usually my scene at all!

However, it was then too late to stop so, telling myself it’s good to take on a challenge, I persevered – and then won the Rose Bowl!  Amazing!

Jane's quilled kitchen clock

Jane’s quilled kitchen clock


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Time to Quill!

Getting prepared for the Quilling Guild’s Annual Celebration Weekend in September.  All the information is here

Our Regional Table this year will be ‘Clocks and Jewellery’.  Some of us are using a glass petri dish to create our timepieces.  A great protection for both quilling and clock hands. Here’s mine.

Petri Dish Clock

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3D Grandpa Teddy – he rocks!

3D Grandpa Teddy – he rocks!

This Grandpa Teddy is quilled using my unique invention – a Wheatsheaf Pom-pom.

He features in “Quilled Teddy Bears” book  along with fifteen more delightful bears, including these “Anniversary Bears” – a great greetings card for that special occasion.

Anniversary Teddies

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