Goldfinch from ‘Six British Garden Birds’ Book
(click to view)

See all my books on my website –
and click on ‘Learn to Quill’

Quilling on eggs

Quilling on eggs – see my post ‘Quilled Eggs for a Vase for Easter’

Box made with paper strips

Box made with paper strips – see  ‘Here’s my Quilled Fuchsia Box’

Quilled Cup Cakes

Each of these Quilled Cup Cakes is also a quilled paper box


Butterfly from my book ‘Favourites for Quilling’ (see website).


This badger is nearly 30 years old.


Taurus star sign for The Quilling Guild’s
Zodiac Perpetual Calendar

You can find how to make these long legged creatures in my book
‘Three Dimensional Quilling – Making Characters’ (see website)

See all my books on my website –
and click on ‘Learn to Quill’

3D Quilled Frogs

So I like frogs!

Hedgehog Fizzgog

This is a Hedgehog Fizzgog, fringed from Two-tone strips.
Keep an eye out for the book.


The Merlin is a falcon which is fast enough to attack on the wing.
It was a job getting it to sit still to quill it!

Pig in love

This pig in love is a blown hen’s egg (see Instruction book ‘Quilled Eggs’)

3 Responses to GALLERY

  1. maiasmum69 says:

    Hi Jane,

    I love your Merlin. I’m from Scarborough and I’m hoping to get to one of your classes soon. I’ve joined the Quillers Guild and I’m coming to the AGM at York.

    I’m busy quilling a Bald Eagle and wondered if you had any tips? It’s only the head and shoulders and it’s A4 sized so quite detailed.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful quilling.

    All the best,


  2. quillingnerd says:

    Hi Annette. Good to hear from you. I will be very busy in York but please make yourself known to me. It will be good to meet you. Apart from black and white I always colour and cut my own strips when I’m trying to make a realistic quilling. It seems like a big job but not so onerous in reality. Hope that didn’t put you off!

  3. Paulette Lofton says:

    great work!

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