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About Jane Jenkins Quilling

My interests are: Quilling - the art of manipulating paper strips to create pictures, greetings cards, free standing characters, floral displays, etc. Also Calligraphy - the art of fine writing. Decorative Painting/Folk Art - brush stroke work to decorate wooden and metal objects and paint on canvas.

Light Up Your Festive Table!

Heavyweight tracing paper is great stuff!  The calligraphers can emboss their lettering onto it.  The quillers can glue their quilling to it and it can be decoratively painted.                     We cut … Continue reading

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Display for the Quilling Guild’s Celebration

It’s nearly time for The Quilling Guild’s Celebration Weekend again!  So exciting!  And Hull and East Riding Quillers are. as always, pulling out all the stops to create our display. It’s called “The Great British Year” and we are quilling … Continue reading

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Quilled Calendar

Inspired by our Japanese quilling friends, East Riding Quillers and Wyke Scribes decided to create a calendar. Louise May has made this great piece of calligraphy for one of the Spring Months. We need eight little quillings for each month. … Continue reading

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Bendy Bandaging Buddies

I’m still having fun with the Bendy Bandaging technique and discovered it’s perfect for modelling these long-limbed comical cuties. It’s great fun making them pose in any number of positions and these are the only component parts you need.   … Continue reading

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Interactive Quilling with Bendy Bandaging

Stewart the Spider’s legs can be made to go in all directions. Chris-mouse has a tail that can straighten and stretch. And Rudolph’s antlers can twist and turn as the mood takes him. Really loving that Bendy Bandaging technique!

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Bendy Bandaging

Just discovered/invented/came across a new variation on a very old quilling technique – bandaging.  I’m calling it Bendy Bandaging because it can be bent and will stay in virtually any shape you put it. Wrap your bunch of strips as … Continue reading

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Harry and Meaghan’s Quilled Wedding Card

The Quilling Guild’s competition for a royal wedding congratulations came at exactly the right time for me.  I’ve always found quilling wonderfully therapeutic and it worked its magic for me while working out a design, solving the problems involved in … Continue reading

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