Quilling Book Sale!

Don’t miss our sale of quilling books.  Have a look at Jane’s website

Quilling books at pocket money prices.  Don’t miss this chance!

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‘Letters and Numbers’ – a brand new Quilling Book

We love to quill birthday cards and, so often, we want to celebrate someone’s special day.

Letters Numbers 21 Today

Personalise your quilled card

Maybe it’s for a baby, showing his or her date of birth, or for a retirement or birthday, recognising their age.

It’s good to make a special card with the person’s name on it or a message, like ‘Bon Voyage’, ‘Congratulations’ or their star sign.

We once covered an egg in quilling for a retirement presentation, with the date picked out in gold edged strips.


LettersNumbers Ben 50

Happy Fiftieth, Ben!

Jane has a new book with examples of alphabets in Capital letters and Lower Case.  There are also two sets of numerals, to suit your occasion.

The book shows more examples and patterns of letters and numerals, with suggested strip lengths and tips to make them.


Go to Jane Jenkins Quilling Books website to see all her quilling books and videos – http://www.janejenkinsquillingbooks.com


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A Change of Heart?

Valentine Hearts

Valentine hearts

If so, Quilling will give you plenty of choice.  The techniques in these symmetrical and asymmetrical hearts, made with Standard, Graduated Colour, Fluorescent, Two-tone and Metallic Edged strips include: Closed Loose Coils, Double Rolling, Bandaging, Open Coils, Wheatears, Alternate Side Looping, Tubing, Multi-strip Open Coils, Zig-Zagging and Ring Coils and variations thereof.

I’ll be challenging my students to think of more.

If you are unfamiliar with any of these techniques, there will be a book or DVD to tell you how, here.  http://www.quilling.karoo.net/learn.htm

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Happy Christmas Quilled Carol Singer Bauble

Just realised that my wine glass whimsies can also be Christmas tree baubles!  Too late to cover the whole tree – next year, maybe.

Carol singer mouse bauble

Carol singer mouse bauble

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Look! No Wire!

Bendy flower stems

Bendy flower stems

Ever since I saw Genevieve Godden’s wonderful tubing technique on the Quilling Guild Blog, I have been trying to make Tubing which can be bent into wavy shapes which are strong enough to stay in position.  Of course, I could thread wire inside but, being, wherever possible, a ‘strips and glue only’ quiller, I persevered and, after some tips from Genevieve, I think I’ve cracked it.

Starting to wrap

Starting to wrap

Glue together two full length, 3mm wide, strips and wrap them, as tightly as possible, around and down a metal skewer or fine knitting needle.  It is very important not to leave any gaps where the needle shows through.  When you come to the end of the first strip, turn back and cover the first one in the same way.  As you go, add a tiny dot of glue every 3cm or so.

You will see that the wrapping is going in the opposite direction.  This is very important.  When you get back to the start, glue down the end of the strip.

Adding the third and fourth layer of strip

Adding the third and fourth layer of strip

Repeat the whole procedure, finishing with your preferred colour – in my case, green.  You now have four layers of strip on the skewer.

Slide the tube off the skewer

Slide the tube off the skewer

After making sure your final glue is dry, slide the tube off the skewer.  Bend your tube into whichever shape you want (you should be able to re-bend and re-shape it, if necessary) and, if you are going to put a flower on the end, make sure it’s not too heavy.

Lightweight flowers on bendy stems

Lightweight flowers on bendy stems

At the recent Quilling Guild Shared Ideas Day, Janetta van Roekel used Tubing, made from only two layers of strips, to make bracelets and necklaces, like these.  Brilliant!

My bracelets and necklace

My bracelets and necklace

Janetta’s website:  http://www.filigraan.nl/index.php/en/
Join The Quilling Guild, read the Blog and regular magazines:  https://membermojo.co.uk/quillingguild


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Quill a Name Badge

Thought I couldn’t go to the Quilling Guild AGM weekend but now I can – hooray!

Jane's badge for 2014

Quilled Badge

Used up some of my left-over flowers to make a badge.  If you are also going, don’t forget to make yours!  I’m not entering any competitions this year but yours might win.


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Beginners’ Video series

We have started making a series of videos for The Quilling Guild to teach beginners to quill and, possibly, to hone the skills of more experienced quillers who might be interested in Quilling Guild Accreditation.  These will eventually cover Closed Loose Coils, Open Coils, Tight Coils, Wheatears, Fringed Flowers, Alternate Side Looping/Huskings, Pixie Hood Looping and all those other techniques that don’t fit in to these.

Making the perfect Closed Loose Coil

Making the perfect Closed Loose Coil

How can you see the videos? Join The Quilling Guild at http://www.quilling-guild.co.uk – it’s only £7.50 for online membership at the moment.  There are three quilling magazines a year to read and the blog, where you will find articles, hints and tips and videos.  Not bad for £7.50.

The Guild’s Display of Quilling is in Dereham, Norfolk, this year.  More information on the website.  The standard of work is always high – worth seeing.


You can also find out much much more about these techniques, along with patterns that use them, from my books on http://www.janejenkinsquillingbooks.com.

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