Time to Quill!

Getting prepared for the Quilling Guild’s Annual Celebration Weekend in September.  All the information is here http://quilling-guild.weebly.com/hartley-wintney-2017.html.

Our Regional Table this year will be ‘Clocks and Jewellery’.  Some of us are using a glass petri dish to create our timepieces.  A great protection for both quilling and clock hands. Here’s mine.

Petri Dish Clock

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3D Grandpa Teddy – he rocks!

3D Grandpa Teddy – he rocks!

This Grandpa Teddy is quilled using my unique invention – a Wheatsheaf Pom-pom.

He features in “Quilled Teddy Bears” book  http://www.quilling.karoo.net/learn.htm#books35  along with fifteen more delightful bears, including these “Anniversary Bears” – a great greetings card for that special occasion.

Anniversary Teddies

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World Record Attempt – Making Quilled Flowers

World Record AttemptThe Quilling Guild’s AGM and Display of Quilling will be in New Earswick, York, this year!

Jane Jenkins Georgian dress cr



And you can come and visit Paul and me demonstrating quilling in York’s Castle Museum on 2nd September.  Paul will not be in Regency costume!


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Nashville here we come!

Really looking forward to visiting NAQG Conference.  Getting in the mood by making my name badge (which turned into a plaque!)  It’s a pity most folks from Nashville have two feet – I seemed to have proved I am useless at symmetry.20160423_093022


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Fab fob

I often meet up with new people who are interested in what I do.  If they have never seen quilling before and I do not have strips to hand my explanation usually results in a bemused blank gaze!  Now I have solved the problem. I always have my keys with me so I can simply show them the fob and instantly the problem is solved!  My thanks to Shiro Ono for his lovely blank fobs – the correct depth for quillers.


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Jane’s Quilled Locking Tweezer Letters

Quilled letters welcome

From Jane’s ‘Locking Tweezer Letters’ DVD


These letters and numbers are just magic! Such a simple but effective new quilling technique can produce the four shapes necessary to make every letter and every numeral!
A demonstration is so much better than diagrams so we’ve created a DVD.



Just go to http://www.quilling.karoo.net/learn.htm#videos or email jane@quilling.karoo.co.uk to order it and use this new quilling idea to make wonderful birthday cards or free-standing words for your friends and family.

2 comma3 straight4 crescent



5 hookLocking Tweezer Letters - Jane Jenkins blog







You can buy locking tweezers from jjquilling.co.uk.

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Getting Owl excited about the Quilling Guild’s AGM and Display weekend

Paul once quilled ‘Lord Baden Powl’ for QT and he will appear in our Owl-themed Regional Display at the Guild’s AGM/Display of Quilling in Sherborne, as it sparked off a multitude of pun-fun ideas.  East Riding Quillers have made:  “Owl You Need is Love”, “Beach Towl”, “Intellectuowls” and I’ve even had a go at “Simon Cowl”.

Anyone want to take a guess at this one?  Click for a closer look.

Name the OwlThe Quilling Guild’s AGM and Display of Quilling Work will be held on the third weekend in September in Sherborne.  Anyone is welcome to see the displays and join in the workshops.  For more details, see http://www.quilling-guild.co.uk and click on Sherborne.









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Quilling Book Sale!

Don’t miss our sale of quilling books.  Have a look at Jane’s website

Quilling books at pocket money prices.  Don’t miss this chance!

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‘Letters and Numbers’ – a brand new Quilling Book

We love to quill birthday cards and, so often, we want to celebrate someone’s special day.

Letters Numbers 21 Today

Personalise your quilled card

Maybe it’s for a baby, showing his or her date of birth, or for a retirement or birthday, recognising their age.

It’s good to make a special card with the person’s name on it or a message, like ‘Bon Voyage’, ‘Congratulations’ or their star sign.

We once covered an egg in quilling for a retirement presentation, with the date picked out in gold edged strips.


LettersNumbers Ben 50

Happy Fiftieth, Ben!

Jane has a new book with examples of alphabets in Capital letters and Lower Case.  There are also two sets of numerals, to suit your occasion.

The book shows more examples and patterns of letters and numerals, with suggested strip lengths and tips to make them.


Go to Jane Jenkins Quilling Books website to see all her quilling books and videos – http://www.janejenkinsquillingbooks.com


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A Change of Heart?

Valentine Hearts

Valentine hearts

If so, Quilling will give you plenty of choice.  The techniques in these symmetrical and asymmetrical hearts, made with Standard, Graduated Colour, Fluorescent, Two-tone and Metallic Edged strips include: Closed Loose Coils, Double Rolling, Bandaging, Open Coils, Wheatears, Alternate Side Looping, Tubing, Multi-strip Open Coils, Zig-Zagging and Ring Coils and variations thereof.

I’ll be challenging my students to think of more.

If you are unfamiliar with any of these techniques, there will be a book or DVD to tell you how, here.  http://www.quilling.karoo.net/learn.htm

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