I was born and have lived in East Yorkshire, UK, virtually all of my life.  I had worked as a teacher for nine years when, in 1981, my husband, Paul, brought home a book from the library, and the fascination with quilling began.  For twenty-five years, I taught in local Adult Education classes and now teach some private classes, and in workshops nationwide.

In 1982, Paul and I started a small business, making and selling paper strips and designs for quilling.  The business expanded to sell books, kits, DVDs and our famous colourful metallic edged strips, throughout the world.  Though the business continues in others’ hands, I still write books, which we publish and sell, teach my classes and hold workshops.

Paper filigree lion

Paper filigree lion

I was a founder member, in 1983, of The Quilling Guild, have been involved since, and was made Honorary Vice-President for my contribution to quilling, which is a kind gesture.

I have two daughters, Cate and Jo, who are, themselves, accomplished quillers.  I’m at my happiest teaching my weekly classes or at home, designing new quillings and experimenting with new ways to quill.


  1. maggimoo76 says:

    Thank you for sharing your skill. Only started quilling a month ago but am fascinated with this art. Would quill day and night given the chance. Looking forward to receiving three of your books. One thing interests me – you seem to use pvc glue and store it upside down in a jar, without replacing the cap. What else is in the jar? Margaret Hayton. Cumbria

    • Hi Margaret,

      Your books are on the way. Hope you enjoy using them. I used to keep my glue with a pin in the end of the fine tip to keep it clear. During quilling sessions, I keep it, as you see, upside down, in a jar, at the bottom of which is a damp piece of kitchen towel. I have found that this is the most effective way to keep the fine tip free. I now store it like that permanently, with a lid on the jar to ensure it is airtight. The only problem is to look out for the damp kitchen towel going mouldy! So I need to replace it regularly.

      So glad you have joined the Guild. Best wishes, Jane

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