Jane’s Quilled Locking Tweezer Letters

Quilled letters welcome

From Jane’s ‘Locking Tweezer Letters’ DVD


These letters and numbers are just magic! Such a simple but effective new quilling technique can produce the four shapes necessary to make every letter and every numeral!
A demonstration is so much better than diagrams so we’ve created a DVD.



Just go to http://www.quilling.karoo.net/learn.htm#videos or email jane@quilling.karoo.co.uk to order it and use this new quilling idea to make wonderful birthday cards or free-standing words for your friends and family.

2 comma3 straight4 crescent



5 hookLocking Tweezer Letters - Jane Jenkins blog







You can buy locking tweezers from jjquilling.co.uk.


About Jane Jenkins Quilling

My interests are: Quilling - the art of manipulating paper strips to create pictures, greetings cards, free standing characters, floral displays, etc. Also Calligraphy - the art of fine writing. Decorative Painting/Folk Art - brush stroke work to decorate wooden and metal objects and paint on canvas.
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