Look! No Wire!

Bendy flower stems

Bendy flower stems

Ever since I saw Genevieve Godden’s wonderful tubing technique on the Quilling Guild Blog, I have been trying to make Tubing which can be bent into wavy shapes which are strong enough to stay in position.  Of course, I could thread wire inside but, being, wherever possible, a ‘strips and glue only’ quiller, I persevered and, after some tips from Genevieve, I think I’ve cracked it.

Starting to wrap

Starting to wrap

Glue together two full length, 3mm wide, strips and wrap them, as tightly as possible, around and down a metal skewer or fine knitting needle.  It is very important not to leave any gaps where the needle shows through.  When you come to the end of the first strip, turn back and cover the first one in the same way.  As you go, add a tiny dot of glue every 3cm or so.

You will see that the wrapping is going in the opposite direction.  This is very important.  When you get back to the start, glue down the end of the strip.

Adding the third and fourth layer of strip

Adding the third and fourth layer of strip

Repeat the whole procedure, finishing with your preferred colour – in my case, green.  You now have four layers of strip on the skewer.

Slide the tube off the skewer

Slide the tube off the skewer

After making sure your final glue is dry, slide the tube off the skewer.  Bend your tube into whichever shape you want (you should be able to re-bend and re-shape it, if necessary) and, if you are going to put a flower on the end, make sure it’s not too heavy.

Lightweight flowers on bendy stems

Lightweight flowers on bendy stems

At the recent Quilling Guild Shared Ideas Day, Janetta van Roekel used Tubing, made from only two layers of strips, to make bracelets and necklaces, like these.  Brilliant!

My bracelets and necklace

My bracelets and necklace

Janetta’s website:  http://www.filigraan.nl/index.php/en/
Join The Quilling Guild, read the Blog and regular magazines:  https://membermojo.co.uk/quillingguild


About Jane Jenkins Quilling

My interests are: Quilling - the art of manipulating paper strips to create pictures, greetings cards, free standing characters, floral displays, etc. Also Calligraphy - the art of fine writing. Decorative Painting/Folk Art - brush stroke work to decorate wooden and metal objects and paint on canvas.
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8 Responses to Look! No Wire!

  1. quilliance says:

    I love the bendy stems and pixie-hood flowers! Are the bracelets and necklace varnished for protection?

  2. cateallison says:

    I’m not sure they are as yet, but that’d be a good idea. The necklace looks great.

    • No, they’re not sprayed with varnish. The advantage of this process is that you can move the stems around, in the case of the flowers, for best effect. However, bangles and necklaces would benefit from a couple of light sprayings, possibly being allowed to dry in the shape in which worn, for comfort. This needs some experimenting. If anyone does, please let us all know. Paul for Jane.

  3. Oh wow, I’ve never heard of tubing, that’s so awesome! I make a lot of paper quilled jewelry, I’m going to have to see how I can incorporate this. I’ve shared this post on my Facebook quilling page as well. Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  4. Sriranjini says:

    Wonderful work and great creativity. I started with quilling recently and your blog is very informative. Thanks for the inspiration. Kindly view my blog at thepaperolles.wordpress.com

  5. christinefd says:

    Thanks Jane, inspirational as usual!

  6. Sathya Kala says:

    Such a lovely technique and thanks much for this awesome tutorial.

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