Affectionate Owls

For our Regional Display for The Quilling Guild in Liverpool, I asked my students to look for ideas to quill under the title of ‘Friends’.  Christine found a wonderful greetings card displaying two affectionate owls.  We discussed how to turn it into a quilling and Chris arrived the following week with this fabulous little quilled card.

owl pair 6

Chris’ pair of affectionate owls

I noticed it got a lot of appreciative comments at the Quilling Guild Celebration display and also from the quillers in my other classes.  Some of them liked it so much that they made their own versions and, if I show you these simple steps, I’m sure you could make your own, too.

  • Use 4 strips to make a Ring Coil with a diameter of 5 cm.
  • Pinch two points to be the owl ears.  (How it took me 35 years to realise that this shape instantly says “Owls”, I don’t know.
Owls' bodies

Owls’ bodies

  • Use 1 strip to make a Ring Coil with a diameter of about 1 cm.
    N.B. eyes of different sizes look cute
  • Make two and glue them to paper
  • Draw (or quill) eyes inside these Ring Coils.
Owl eyes

Owl eyes

  • Cut out the owl eyes and place them inside the owl.
  • You can now add whatever else you like, in whatever sizes, but I used a full length quilling strip to make the teardrop shaped Cup Coil which is the beak, and two full length strips, worked together, to make the Wheatears which are the wings.
Beak and wings

Beak and wings

This one could be a Christmas card.

Happy Christmas, Wise Owl

Happy Christmas, Wise Owl

I also used tracing paper to make a window hanging.

Window hanging owl

Window hanging owl

I hope you’ll have as much fun with these owls as we have.


About Jane Jenkins Quilling

My interests are: Quilling - the art of manipulating paper strips to create pictures, greetings cards, free standing characters, floral displays, etc. Also Calligraphy - the art of fine writing. Decorative Painting/Folk Art - brush stroke work to decorate wooden and metal objects and paint on canvas.
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4 Responses to Affectionate Owls

  1. Paula says:

    there so cute, love it !!!!!

  2. Helen Pierce says:

    Such a neat tutorial, for such versatile, cute little owls! Thanks! Helen

  3. love your owls, and very well explained thank you for sharing

  4. dragonkind says:

    I made a simple version of these owls for Valentine cards for my grandchildren, who thought they were cute. Thank you.

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