Here’s my Quilled Fuchsia Box

It doesn’t really matter how deep you make this Fuchsia Box.  Mine is approximately 4cm (1½”) and I was lucky enough to have two strips of paper that wide but I could have piled up four 10mm wide rings or even used white card.  Your dowel needs to be 5 cm (2″) in diameter.

Fuchsia Box before 'Filling Quilling'

Fuchsia Box before ‘Filling Quilling’

The base of this box is a Solid Coil made from 3mm wide strips.  Its final diameter should be approximately 6.5cm (2½”).  Coat it with PVA.

Now use two 10mm wide strips to make a Ring Coil with a diameter of about 4cm (1½”).  This will be glued inside your box lid to stop it from sliding off.  Then use this ring as a dowel to make a new ring from 3mm wide strips.  Keep adding strips until its final diameter is approximately 6mm (2¼”).  This ring will be a rim for the top of your box (a small additional refinement for this, more sophisticated, box).

You need now to make a second Solid Coil, exactly like the one you made for the base of your box.  This will be your domed lid.  I used 3mm wide strips.  Be sure that you roll quite tightly and, if you think there may be a problem in shaping it, use 5mm wide strips.  Push it into a dome shape.  Coat the lid with PVA.

Inside your Fuchsia Box

Inside your Fuchsia Box

Glue all the component parts together and your box is ready to decorate.  I used 3mm wide strips for the greenery around the box centre but 2mm wide for the “filling quilling” (mine are tiny “S” coils).

The finished box

The finished box

There’s a Fuchsia design for a greetings card in my book “22 Flower Designs”

Another box will follow soon.  If anything is not clear, please leave a question in a comment.

Audrey Matthews has made use of Solid Coils to create a fabulous little carousel which is featured on the new Quilling Guild members’ blog, “Quilling Now!”  See the link on the right to the Quilling Guild website to find out more.

You can soon see more of the boxes which my students have been making on my Facebook page ‘Quilling, Calligraphy, Folk Art Classes, East Yorkshire’.


About Jane Jenkins Quilling

My interests are: Quilling - the art of manipulating paper strips to create pictures, greetings cards, free standing characters, floral displays, etc. Also Calligraphy - the art of fine writing. Decorative Painting/Folk Art - brush stroke work to decorate wooden and metal objects and paint on canvas.
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3 Responses to Here’s my Quilled Fuchsia Box

  1. sathyakala says:

    So lovely…thanks for sharing

  2. Paula says:

    wow there gorgeous!!!!!

  3. just beautiful little box, great for little gifts for someone special Sheila

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